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Ringing in the New Year!

I would like to start off by saying thank you to my amazingly beautiful clients from 2021, making it a year far better than expected in an ongoing pandemic and trying to get back to some sort or normalcy or what we might call our new normal. Capturing engagements to weddings, baby bumps to new borns, cake smashes to families, seniors to graduation, headshots to events and of coarse sports especially football! I want to capture it all!

I am going to begin 2022 with some goals in mind and wanted to share them with you. We are always trying to better ourselves in a new year and this year I am including my business in my journey of bettering myself. We can all work on being healthy, happy and wise but I want to take it a step further this year by including you in my journey of bettering my business.

I spend my days teaching photography to High School students and sometimes forget about continuing to educate myself. So this year I am going to dedicate time each week to grow and expand my knowledge for my business. My background is in education and fine arts, primarily photography but I do not have formal training in business, thankfully I have done fairly well for myself as a single mom, teacher and photographer. I am proudly starting my 10th year as Heather Hackett Creates and hope bring more success to my business this year.

Happy New Year and I hope you will follow along with me in my journey of growth this year! Who knows, maybe I will be lucky enough to capture YOU this year!!

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